Adamo’s Little Women Beautifully Staged by The Mannes Opera

“Mark Adamo’s Little Women is one of the few contemporary operas that have entered the repertory. Even The New York Times’ oft-quoted assessment, “some sort of masterpiece,” lifted it up, rather than jinxed it. Its popularity is not confined to the U.S.: since its first performances in 1998, the opera has been seen in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Japan, Mexico, and the Philippines. … …Joseph Colaneri carefully sculpted the musical side of the equation, and The Mannes Orchestra played with clarity and subtlety. … Mannes lavished all the care and attention on this production that Adamo, who was in the audience, could wish for.” (Mannes Opera, Adamo, Little Women) May 12, 2016

Rick Perdian,
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